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Recruitment Manager

  • HD SAISON , Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam
  • 2500 Competitive
  • Posted: 11 Jun 2018

Job Description

Provide leadership, support, coach and enhance recruitment experience, performance to big teams (for more than 20 subordinates with level officer to team leader, supervisor level) including several functions in Recruitment team such as Technical Recruitment function which is handle several mass positions, entry to executive levels and limited sourcing positions in the labor market, Recruitment Branding function which develops several recruitment events to attract more candidates applying jobs in HD SAISON; in the same time, this function will provide internal branding which bring a lot of motivation events to the internal employees to be proud of the  company.  And Administration & Reporting function which plays the role of controlling the whole compliance recruitment system as well as control the updated individual recruitment results accordingly. Develop new recruitment strategies and sourcing programs to fulfill the job vacant to adapt to the current company fast development. Good selection of suitable recruitment service agents that is able to solve recruitment requirements when the need is in high rate. Provide assistance on critical needs, and coordinate on national-level initiatives. This position reports to the Human Resource Director.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • An excellent leadership skill with a philosophy of creating a high-trust culture which is empowers employees as individual contributors and fosters a strong team environment. Initiative, creativity, and outstanding written and verbal communication skills, Ability to work in a matrixes organizational structure, developing strong relationships with all levels of management.
  • Build career programs to branding company image through recruiting and well-prepared a huge pool of candidate source through these programs.
  • Excellent in design recruitment policy and procedure to control recruitment operation compliance and smoothly run.
  • Fulfill all of high mass recruitment requirements even high pressure.
  • Excellent in motivate big team and inspire them to proud of their current positions.
  • Often organize recruitment training topic to the team which is enhance the soft skill to team members.
  • Often organize recruitment meeting to team members, after that, support them the excellent way to achieve the recruitment targets.
  • Design the controlling system to cross check carefully the implementation of team members in screening suitable candidates joining to the company which is compliance to the Internal Recruitment Policy.

Job Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in education, business administration or liberal arts, at least five years of equivalent experiences.
  • At least two years of experience in a corporate or business setting, preferably in human resources, personnel or administration.
  • Proven ability to lead by example and foster mentoring relationships.
  • Outstanding in verbal, written, multi-tasking and presentation skill.
  • Ability to create momentum and foster organizational change.
  • Must have tertiary qualifications in human resources, training and development or business studies.

Additional Information

2018-06-11 USD


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Recruitment Manager

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